Bespoke Industrial Mixers Backed by 40 Years Experience
Collaborative Design
Stand Alone or Integrated Options

With over 40 years’ experience in building customised industrial mixing equipment, KEENAN®, an Alltech® company, has a well-earned reputation for building sturdy industrial mixers that produce a consistent and thorough mix.

KEENAN design specialised, yet simple, cost-effective industrial mixers for a variety of industries. They are renowned in the market for their ease of maintenance, low power requirements, superb mix, and excellent back-up service. Our heavy-duty mixers can mix a wide range of products quickly and accurately, from large loads down to smaller batches.

Our smart weighing and monitoring system (the KEENAN® Controller) offers a suite of data giving full control and oversight of any mixing process, as well as compliance to all industry regulations.

Each machine is designed by our experienced engineers to suit your individual project requirements.

We provide mixing solutions for many industries

Industrial Mixers

Our unique industrial mixers offer a thorough mixing process to accurately mix any ingredients. A wide range of loading and unloading options can be accommodated.

KEENAN Technology

Our mixers are fitted with the KEENAN Controller which gives you access to all data from the mixing process, including; visual guidance on ingredient list and loading order, batch information, raw material costs, operator logins etc.

How we work

We work collaboratively with clients, process designers and installation specialists to select and fine tune the best solution for your project. With over 40 years experience, we are open to working on all types of industrial applications. Contact us today ›