Mixers for Composting

Cost-effective treatment of organic waste products with a KEENAN industrial mixer

Consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious. By reducing the amount of biodegradable waste sent to landfill, a more sustainable waste product is being created, helping to lower greenhouse gas emissions in the process.

Vast expenses are incurred in the disposal of wastes from; municipal, agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, forestry, hunting and fishing, as well as food preparation and processing. This is due to the vast swathe of legislation that exists governing waste disposal. A cost-effective management of organic waste to help reduce waste disposal fees is essential.

Accurate inclusion of micro ingredients

KEENAN has been working with partners in the composting industry for many years. Our machines chop and mix residual waste into a consistent homogenous mix and can accurately include micro ingredients into the mix. This mix can be used in horticulture, landscaping and agricultural land treatment, creating a product that can be sold back into the markets.

KEENAN, part of the Alltech family of companies, has always had deeply rooted sustainability credentials. KEENAN mixing solutions are effective and sustainable. Due to the unique KEENAN horizontal paddle mixing system a low horsepower is required. Our mixers are reliable, robust and low maintenance, with a full back-up service 24/7.