Bespoke Industrial Sludge Mixers

Turning waste into a valuable resource

The management of sludge poses environmental and economic challenges. Biogens, like phosphorus and nitrogen, need to be removed from wastewater and sewage sludge. The resulting product can then be turned into a valuable source of energy.

To minimise the negative impact on the environment and to support economic growth for the sludge sector, secure and sustainable mixing methods are essential.

Homogenous mix with optimal viscosity
KEENAN mixers have been operating successfully in sludge treatment plants for many years. We offer custom mixing solutions to support the industry in meeting environmental sludge disposal regulations in a cost-effective way.

The KEENAN ProMix range of mixers ensures a homogenous mix quality. Lime can be incorporated quickly and easily, with minimal contact, to neutralise odours and optimise viscosity.

Sludge needs to be handled in accordance with legislation