Industrial mixers for suppliers of horticultural products

Getting the balance right for optimal plant growth

Providing a high-quality growing media for rapid rooting in soil and soil-less mixtures, is as important for optimal plant growth as water and fertilisers. To achieve the correct balance of physical, chemical and biological properties for plants to grow and flourish, requires a formulated custom blend. These blends include raw materials such as peat, coir pith, wood fibres, bark and compost. Mineral constituents like perlite, pumice, clay and vermiculite can also be added along with additives, fertilisers and lime.

Optimal mix, reducing labour
KEENAN mixers can incorporate all categories of compost input ingredients to produce a mix that is homogeneous and consistent. The gentle mixing action breaks up and thoroughly mixes ingredients without damaging particles. Materials can be soaked in liquids for any length of time as the mixing chambers of the ProMix range are completely sealed.

Mixers can be customised with various discharge options e.g. bagging systems or elevators, which reduces labour by enabling handling of bulk materials.

KEENAN mixers are used to mix mushroom casing soils
Delivering a cost-effective superior mix for optimum plant performance
Capable of gentle mixing to ensure particles remain intact