Feed Mills

Industrial Mixers for Feed Mills

With a rising world population to feed, the need for sustainable and commercially viable solutions for the milling industry is on the increase. Changing consumer attitudes demand greater transparency, traceability and sustainability from farm to table. Feed mills need to be compliant, profitable and resilient to produce feed sustainably.

Reliable, customised mixers

When it comes to resilience and reliability, KEENAN has a proven track record. Over 40 years ago, KEENAN started manufacturing mixers. When the feed mill sector was in its infancy, KEENAN was approached to build a heavy-duty industrial mixer that could mix feed mill ingredients quickly. Over the years, we have built numerous custom solutions that maintain feed quality, consistency, integrity and meet strict legal standards.

We have provided mixers for a wide range of applications including; feed mills, premix houses, TMR bagging centres and milk powder mixing plants.

Our smart weighing and monitoring system (the KEENAN Controller) offers a suite of data giving full control and oversight of the blending process, as well as compliance to all industry regulations.

Due to the set-up of the KEENAN mixer, it has a low power requirement which helps keep running costs to a minimum.

TMR bagging centre - Turkey
Milk powder mixing - Germany
Fully integrated mixer - France
Mixer with full length discharge - Northern Ireland

Liquid can be added to any mix using a liquid spray bar. In this clip, water is being add to sodagrain. Molasses or any other liquid could be added using this system.

Material can be emptied quickly with a full length discharge

What Our Customers say:

“We purchased the ProMix400 in 2010 and have since mixed hundreds of thousands of tonnes of blended products. The simplicity and reliability of the mixer, coupled with the excellent backup service has been outstanding.

We also use the KEENAN Controller to mix and monitor the blends to give us a complete record of every mix.

This is what our customers expect and with the help of KEENAN we always deliver”.

George White, CEO, GLW Feeds