Equestrian and sports surfaces

Ensuring the perfect mix for equestrian and sports surfaces

Producing a safe and homogenous mix for even the most trying conditions

Safe uniform surfaces for equestrian arenas and multi-sports areas

Equestrian and sports/multi-use surfaces are a major investment, both for public bodies and private owners. With the increase in the number of arenas and training grounds in recent decades, both in terms of financial turnover and number of users, demand and expectations on these types of surfaces have increased. KEENAN mixers are used worldwide in mixing synthetic surfaces by incorporating various ingredients to produce a consistent and homogeneous product to deliver the desired materials.

Equestrian surfaces
To minimise equine injuries, synthetic surfaces are used to reduce the injury rate for both horse and rider. These all-weather surfaces are a kinder and more forgiving surface for equine forelimbs and provide better stability for the hind-end of horses; less concussion impact has been linked to these kinds of surfaces in comparison to conventional dirt tracks. A further advantage is the reduction in time spent maintaining synthetic surfaces when compared with dirt-tracks. KEENAN mixers are used by some of the leading providers of thoroughbred racing and training surfaces around the world.

Mixing materials for the world equestrian centre in Florida

A bespoke KEENAN ProMix400 for mixing equestrian surfaces with unique safety features and control panel

The unique fluffy consistent mix is renowned across equestrian circles