Mixing Recycling

Mixing Solutions for Recycled Materials

Turning recycled plastics into roads

Supporting innovative and sustainable recycling opportunities

Solving the waste epidemic not only calls for novel and customised solutions, but also creates opportunities. Instead of landfilling or sending waste for incineration, pioneering ideas have led to novel approaches and innovative products for reducing waste. These help reduce the carbon footprint, create sustainable solutions and promote a profitable and sustainable circular economy.

KEENAN supports its partners in the recycling sectors with customised solutions to process a variety of ingredient types. An example of such a project is a collaboration with McRebur, an international company that mixes recycled plastic using a KEENAN MechFiber300. The resulting mix is used as a bitumen replacement to build roads across the world.

Reliable, high quality mix

KEENAN mixers are reliable, robust, low maintenance, with a low power requirement and provide a consistent, homogeneous mix without variation between batches. A further benefit of the KEENAN range is in the ability to accurately mix small loads if necessary (as low as 10% of the machine capacity).

To help provide a safe working environment, a closable lid can be added to keep the surrounding environment dust-free. A range of specialist secondary equipment and fittings can also be supplied.

Another custom built KEENAN industrial mixer, with hydraulic lid, supplied to a customer in Switzerland to mix recycled tyres
A bespoke KEENAN industrial mixer supplied to MacRebur the plastic road company - Scotland
KEENAN supplies mixers to McRebur, who uses them to mix recycled plastics to make roads across the world