Animal Bedding

Mixers for quality animal bedding suppliers

Delivering high consistency to create a healthy environment for animals and livestock

Unique mixing delivering results

Providing adequate, safe and comfortable bedding is the foundation of improving the overall health and performance of animals and livestock. A consistently mixed, good-quality bedding increases animal comfort levels significantly. Good quality bedding will: control moisture, have low odour retention, provide traction for animals rising or lying down and require low maintenance as it is easy to clean.

KEENAN ProMix with dust lid fitted

One mixer to deal with various input materials
KEENAN has been a partner of the livestock and animal bedding industry for many years. We build custom-made mixers to suit individual applications for mixing input materials of various densities and properties. We are aware of the importance of reliable, robust and low-maintenance mixing solutions.

Our mixers can be fitted with a range of specialised fittings to enable feeding into mechanical transportation or bagging units. Secondary equipment and fittings (e.g. dust lids) can also be supplied. We enable our industry partners to mix a dependable, consistent and cost-effective product for their customers.