KEENAN Controller

KEENAN Controller

User-friendly weighing unit that accurately displays the list of ingredients, loading order and a wealth of other data.

The KEENAN controller is one of the most advanced, intuitive and easy-to-use management controllers in the marketplace. Fitted to the industrial mixer, the 8-inch colour screen is designed to allow for the clearest display in all environments.

Equipped with 4G capability, data can transfer rapidly to and from the controller. Up to 199 individual mixes can be stored, facilitating effective management of the mixing process.

The Controller offers the following functionalities:

User-friendly 8” colour display with visual guidance

Full control and oversight of the mixing process

Batch information recording for transparency and traceability e.g. UFAS for feed mills etc.

Connection to the main plant digital management platform via API (if required)

Easy, instant remote data transfer in real-time via GPRS or Wi-Fi

Access to detailed graphs and reports of ingredients loaded

Accurate stock-management data – tracking of ingredients and cost to ensure adequate stocking levels

Unique operator logins

Duplication of screen on smartphone or tablet app with full control and functionality

For ultimate loading accuracy; ability to control augers, conveyors, valves or slides (where applicable)

Telematics for easier maintenance (machine oil levels, chain tension warning lights etc.)

The full functionality of the KEENAN Controller can be duplicated onto a smartphone or tablet
The Controller can send and receive data in real-time via Wi-Fi or GPRS